Boris Pasternak's crime

Film presentation, discussion

06.06 - 06.06.2011

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Program: [Contemporary Russian art from A to Z]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: Elena Polyakova, Svetlana Rezvushkina

Boris Pasternak finished his novel «Doctor Zhivago» 55 years ago – in 1956. Further history: transmission of the novel abroad, its publication, awarding the Nobel Prize – is almost detective story. It has so many «x»s and other unknowns that events became overcovered with a lot of rumours and versions. We wanted to reach the essence. In France, Italy, USA, Sweeden and of course Russia we found nearly all of those, who were witnesses and participiants of those dramatical and happy at the same time events of Pasternak's live.
Documentary film «Boris Pasternak's crime» is almost a detective story about how «slanderous» novel «Doctor Zhivago» was written and published on the West. Witnesses and participiants of this «crime», all of those, who new and loved the author. Oleg Menshikov, who once played Yury Zhivago, performs as Pasternak himself.

Offscreen voice – Aleksandr Feklistov.
Scenario – Elena Polyakova, Svetlana Rezvushkina.
Director – Svetlana Rezvushkina.
Production – studio «Lavr» 2010–2011 .

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