Sergey Kuskov

Memorial evening

20.04.2011, 19:00-21:00 Wednesday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Starting from the perestroika period in mid-80s Sergey Kuskov becomes one of the brightest personalities of contemporary critical thoughts. His texts dedicated to Joseph Beuys' oeuvre, German "new wild", his theoretical works about expressionism and about universal cultures, associated with ritual appeared to be true sign of positive changes in contemporary study of art. Working in Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Sergey Kuskov took part in development of projects, dedicated to contemporary Western culture and operated vast practice with "Poligon" group at the same time. Creative commemoration evening of Sergey Kuskov is accompanied by exposition of works of the artists Vladimir Nemuhin, Adolf Goldman, Klara Golitsyna, Francisko Infante, Aleksandr Pankin, Sergey Naumov.

Demonstration of the film "Life and death of Sergey Kuskov" will take place as part of the evening, director Aleksandr Elmor, 2010, 30 min.

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