23.09.2015 - 31.01.2016

Jiri Suchanek. Red Line Border. 2015. Courtesy by author

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This fall the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) launches a large-scale audio-visual project – the international festival TO SEE THE SOUND, dedicated to the study of sound in contemporary art.

TO SEE THE SOUND has been included in the Special Program of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The co-organizers of the festival are the international Todays Art Festival (The Netherlands) and Moscow City Galleries Network.

TO SEE THE SOUND festival is an organic continuation of a joint project of NCCA and TodaysArt, LUCIDA Space, which took place in January-March 2014 in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and Moscow City Galleries Network. While LUCIDA Space was mainly dedicated to the phenomenon of light, this time the main object of aesthetic reflection will be sound in all the multitude of its manifestations. Aesthetic images that simultaneously affect all senses are born out of the never-ending dialog of light and sound.

TO SEE THE SOUND festival will take place September through October 2015 at different venues around Moscow. The festival program includes exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and public talks with artists.

The central event of the festival, the Dialogues of Light and Sound exhibition, will open at NCCA on October 8th. It will present contemporary art experiments in the field of light and sound synthesis by famous artists around the world. Among them are Elise Morin (France), Andrew Hancock (UK), Liza Park (USA/South Korea), Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand (Netherlands) and many others. The installation by Yolanda Uriz, Kulunka, can be considered the quintessential event of the festival. Sound waves set in motion the surface of water in a special vessel. Constantly changing images are projected with the help of LED lights onto a screen situated on the ceiling above the vessel (and the audience). You can observe this “universe” from special platforms that move in rhythm with the changing motifs on the screen.

A special guest of the festival is the world famous Norwegian theater Verdensteatret, might be translated as "theatre of the world", which presents the Moscow premiere of its play, Bridge over Mud, synthesizing all art genres. This play is a performative philosophical parable about a living a life, resonating with Andrey Tarkovsky's Stalker. The Russian premiere of the play will take place on September 24th at NCCA. The Exhibition Hall will be transformed into a unique stage space for a week, where with the help of cutting-edge technologies, sound phenomena, visual images, performance elements and acting, the audience will have the opportunity to “walk on” the metaphorical bridge of their fate in 60 minutes.

The topic of visualizing sound will be examined in the project The Optics of Sound at Kashirka Gallery, where you can “see” sound reflecting in liquids, metal, natural elements and even the human organism (sound therapy). The main idea of the Sound Moebius Strip exhibition (Belyaevo Gallery) is the eternal movement and return of sound to its original state. The Piano in Progress exhibition (GROUND Peschanaya) is dedicated to the study of a musical instrument as a multidimensional culture code, and the Visual Scores project at the GROUND Khodynka invites the viewer into the world of music scores that come to life and a gain a flexible visualization.


Organizer: National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA)

Co-organizers: Todays Art Festival (The Netherlands), Moscow City Galleries Network

Partners: New Art Foundation, Creative Industries Found NL (The Netherlands), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway), the Office for Contemporary Art: OCA (Norway), Danse-og teatersentrum-Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Russian, French Institute at the Embassy of the French Republic in Russia, Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Russia, Instituto Cervantes in Moscow, Embassy of the United States in the Russian Federation, Czech Center, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (This project is part of a cultural exchange programme between Switzerland and Russia initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Further details about Swiss made in Russia. Contemporary Cultural Exchanges 2013-2015 at

Venues: NCCA Exhibition Hall, Belyaevo Gallery, Kashirka Gallery, GROUND Peschanaya, GROUND Khodynka

Curator: Vitaly Patsyukov

urators of exhibitions: Olof van Winden, Ivan Antonov, Katya Bochavar, Anna Dorofeeva, Stuart Isacoff, Anastasia Kozachenko

Coordinators: Ivan Antonov (TodaysArt), Yuliya Baldina (Belyaevo), Anna Dorofeeva (NCCA), Anastasia Kozachenko (NCCA), Galina Kuzmina (Na Kashirke), Lyudmila Kuzmina (Na Kashirke), Olga Pogasova (Peschanaya), Olga Zabolotnaya (Khodynka)

Artists: Anton Batagov (Russia), Tatiana Blass (Brazil), Dan Brinkmann (Netherlands), John Cage (USA), Marina Chernikova (Netherlands), Tristan Christann (UK), George Crumb (USA), Aleksandra K. Dobrowolska (Austria/Switzerland), Evelina Domnitch (Netherlands), Morton Feldman (USA), Dmitry Gelfand (Netherlands), Aleksej Daniel Germanovich (Serbia), Paul Gladstone-Reid (UK), Vladimir Grigorik (Canada/UK)- sponsor, Sofia Gubaidulina (Russia), Michael Harrison (US), Andrew Hancock (UK), Joris Hoogeboom (Netherlands), Mauricio Kagel (Argentina), Pavel Karmanov (Russia), Žilvinas Kempinas (Lithuania), Andreas Kern (Germany), Nikolay Khrust (Russia), Anna Koleychuk (Russia), Vyacheslav Koleichuk (Russia), Igor Kolesov (Russia), Sergey and Tatiana Kostrikov (Russia), Aleksei Kruglov (Russia), Maksim Ksuta (Russia), Annea Lockwood (US), Alina Maksimenko (Ukraine), Valera Martynchik (UK), Vladimir Martynov (Russia), Vera Martynova (Russia), Tony Matelli (USA), Kira Matissen (Russia), Markiyan Matzekh (Ukraine), Mikhail Matyushin (Russia), Arnout Meijer (Netherlands), Alexandra Mitlianskaya (Russia), Thelonius Monk (USA), Elise Morin (France), Luigi Nono (Italy), Nam June Paik (Korea/USA), Liza Park (USA/South Korea), Krzysztof Penderecki (Poland), Alexander Pettai (Russia), Mindagaus Piekatis (Latvia), Mikhail Pogarsky (Russia), Nenad Popov (Netherlands), Paolo Ricci (Italy), Alex Roff (Russia), Nacho Ruiz (Spain), Zbigniew Rybczyński (Poland/USA), Dmitry Sarkisov (Armenia), Alfred Schnittke (Russia), E. Florian Schweizer (Austria/Switzerland), Dmitry Shostakovich (Russia), Dmitry Shubin (Russia), Vadim Smakhtin (Russia), Vladimir Smolyar (Russia/UK), Ivan Sokolov (Russia), Nikita Spiridonov (Russia), Karlheinz Stockhausen (Germany), Igor Stravinsky (Russia/USA), Evgeny Strelkov (Russia), Joris Strijbos (Netherlands), Jiri Suchanek (Czech Republic), Andrey Suzdalev (Russia), Margaret Leng Tan (Singapore), Vladimir Tarasov (Lithuania/Russia), Johann Theile (Germany), Michael Torke (USA), David Del Tredici (USA), Antonio Trimani (Italy), Alla Urban (Russia), Yolanda Uriz (Netherlands), Nargiza Usmanova (Canada/Belarus), Teun Verkerk (Netherlands), Iannis Xenakis (France), Yōsuke Yamashita (Japan), La Monte Thornton Young (USA), Sergey Zagny (Russia), Vadim Zakharov (Russia/Germany), Anya Zholud (Russia), Marina Zvyagintseva (Russia), MEDIAMED (Natalia Alfutova, Maria Kobliakova, Elena Salova, Andrey Zhelezniakov, Alexander Kotenko, Anastasia Somova, Viktoria Lamshina, Sergey Levchenko, Grigory Zatsman, Natalia Strugatskaya) TERMINALBEACH (Erich Berger & Peter Votava) (Austria/Germany, Finland), Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre et Anaïs met den Ancxt (France), Verdensteatret (Norway)

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