15.05 - 27.06.2014

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VideoFocus is an annual media arts festival, first organized by NCCA in 2012. The audience is familiarized with prominent innovative works in the field of contemporary Russian and international art: video art, digital art, new film etc.

The central piece of the festival this year is Found Footage – an international exhibition of works by Russian and international artists working in found footage genre. This trend exists on the borderline between visual art and film and gained widespread popularity in the States in the 1970s. European and American artists working in this genre mainly turn to documentary footage. Found footage came to Russia in the 1980s-90s and usually uses amateur footage.

This is a research project which, for the first time in Russia, will present the full spectrum of this genre in a single space. The festival's wide program will show the Moscow audience how contemporary media artists reinterpret one of the main techniques of the 20th century art, “ready made,” in video format.

The festival program includes the Russian premiere of French director Philippe Grandrieux's latest film, White Epilepsy (2012). Philippe Grandrieux is a prominent representative of New French film, experimenting with the ways of impacting the sensual perception of the audience. White Epilepsy refers to Francis Bacon's art through the imitation of an ancient ritual, shot in slow motion. This isn't found footage in its classic sense but rather an imitation of the genre and documentary film.

For the first time in Russia the festival will also present a retrospective of distinguished English director Derek Jarman. In fall 2014, the audience will see rare films directed by Jarman, who created a new visual language in the 1970s-90s. Jarman found his own unique style of shooting: images that connect the past with the present, create a new story and a new myth (a story of Elizabeth I traveling through time to the 20th century, a pseudobiographic drama depicting the life of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and others).

The festival is followed by a broad education program: meetings with the festival participants, discussion with the exhibition curator and leading critics, and lecture series dedicated to the development stages of video art and experimental film.



Found Footage
Opening on Thursday, May 15th, 19.00
Dates May 16 – June 15, 2014
Venue NCCA Exhibition Hall
Curator Karina Karaeva
Project participants Albert Alcoz (Spain), Masha Godovannaya (Russia), Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller (Germany), Frederic Moffet (USA), Gleb Nechayev and Marusya Syroietchkovskaya (Russia), Birgit Hein (Germany), Abigail Child (USA), Peter Tscherkassky (Austria)


Russian premiere of White Epilepsy, a film by Philippe Grandrieux
Date: June 11, 20.00
Venue: Fakel Theater (15/16 Shosse Entuziastov)
Curator: Dasha Biryukova


Retrospective of Derek Jarman
Dates: Fall 2014
Venue: Pioneer Theater (21 Kutuzovsky Prospekt)
Curator: Dasha Biryukova



Education program
NCCA Small Hall, 19.30

16.05 Lecture by Sergei Shutov: Surprising Silence! - Technomusical remixes of the remake
22.05 Lecture by Yuri Popovsky: For Anonymous and Free Art
29.05 Lecture by Olga Shishko: Aleksey Isaev's “Attractions Edit”
05.06 Lecture by Vladimir Arkhipov: Self-made Russia
06.06 Meeting with Albert Alcoz: Rewriting Film
10.06 Meeting with Philippe Grandrieux: The Immanent Sensuality
20.06 Discussion: “Found Footage”: Articulation (with Antonio Geusa, Astrid Wege, Karina Karaeva)
27.06 Lecture by Andrei Smirnov: Found Sounds: The use in sound art history
Fall 2014 Lecture by Lyudmila Klyueva: Analyzing Derek Jarman's films



Albert Alcoz. Nif Fin. 2007, 3 min, super 8, color, sound

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