Film screening, public talk

18.04.2014, 19:00 Friday

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Program: [New media]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: [Antonina Baever], [Dasha Biryukova], [Karina Karaeva]

Dmitri Venkov’s video (in collaboration with Antonina Baever) Like the Sun (2013) was commissioned by the Bergen Assembly 2013, with the participation of Triumph gallery.

Like the Sun consists of three lines, each representing one of the main areas of human curiosity: science, art, and religion respectively. There are three characters and three venues in the film. All plot lines are connected through the process of the deformation of original conditions under the influence of outside components: in each case, precisely designed projects experience a glitch and turn into a utopia, leaving open the question of the missing element that prevented “the reaction” from reaching a result. Building on these experiences, the protagonists unite to create a new culture.

The film is presented at the Innovation 2013 competition in the “New generation” nomination.

Free admission


Film still

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