23.01 - 23.02.2014

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: Moscow Scriabin Museum (Bolshoy Nikolopeskovsky per., 11)

Curators: [Anastasia Kozachenko], [Vitaly Patsyukov]

Co-organizer: A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum
Partners: Sistema Gallery Chaikovsky, Paul Sacher Goundation (Basel, Switzerland), Igor Stravinsky Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), Moscow State Conservatory

Opening on January 24:
7 p.m. "Latitude of Space» exhibition opening
8 p.m. «Aruond Stravinsky» concert. Stars of the piano class of Mikhail Voskresensky, professor at the Moscow Conservatory

This festival is dedicated to the work of Igor Stravinsky. His ideas had a tremendous influence on contemporary culture as the composer’s entire path is inseparable from radical creative processes in contemporary art.

The festival will feature exhibitions combining the composer’s world of objects – his letters, photographs, sheet music – with art objects of contemporary visual culture. A series of concerts featuring music by Igor Stravinsky and his contemporaries will also take place.



25/01 – 9/02 "Latitude of Space"
Photographer Ekaterina Chilingiri (USA) will present a collection of exclusive pictures that reflect the places where Igor Stravinsky lived and worked; contemporary artists R. Mendoza (USA), M. di Katrano (Switzerland), A. Damiano (Italy), S. Katran present installations and video works that explore the composer's music space, visualizing the famous works of Stravinsky "The Nightingale", "The Rite of Spring," "The Rake's Progress" and others.

12/02 – 23/02 "Longitude of Thousands Faces"
The exhibition explores the phenomenon of "composer of thousands of persons", which is manifested in the diversity of style and composer manner of Igor Stravinsky. The exhibition will showcase works of contemporary artists from the collection of the NCCA, and acoustic and visual installations by Maxim Ksuta, Vladimir Tarasov, that conceptualize creative image of Stravinsky as "a musical chameleon". Moscow composer Vladimir Martynov, Pavel Karmanov, Sergey Zagny and Oleg Paiberdin will show scores dedicated to Stravinsky.


24/01, 8 p.m. "Around Stravinsky". Stars of the Piano Class of Mikhail Voskresensky, professor of the Moscow State Conservatory
Participants: Herman Kitkin, Elena Kotelnikova, Karina Maghakyan, Nguyen Kim Ngan (Vietnam), Kohey Zorita (Japan), Mikhail Turpanov, Nikita Habin

29/01, 8 p.m. "Stravinsky’s Vocal vector". Nikolay Schemlev, Helikon Opera singer, will perform excerpts of the classic works

31/01, 8 p.m. "Piano Concert with 3D Elements". Vladimir Martynov, Vladimir Smolyar, Natalia Cherkasskaya and Sergey Zagny perform their own compositions, inspired by the Igor Stravinsky works 

02/02, 8 p.m. "Piano Seance. Hommage a Stravinsky". Recital of Vladimir Martynov

07/02, 8 p.m. "Children's Room and Music Hall". Svetlana Savenko (soprano) and Yuri Polubelov (piano) will perform works for children by Igor Stravinsky

20/02, 8 p.m. "Homage to Stravinsky". Ensemble "Gallery of Actual Music": Ekaterina Antokolskaya (cello), and Oleg Paiberdin

Also, on 16/02, 8 p.m. will be demonstrated unique film by British director Tony Palmer "Igor Stravinsky. Once at a border"

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