Jacobs motley twigs. A private view on the picture of universal holiday of life

Book presentation

21.04.2009, 19:00-21:00 Tuesday

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Program: [Contemporary Russian art from A to Z]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: [Vladimir Martynov], Tatiana Grindenko, [Oleg Aronson], Yelena Petrovskaya, [Chukhrov Keti], Valery Podoroga, Valery Afanasyev, [Vitaly Patsyukov]

Vladimir Martynov is a key figure of the contemporary musical culture in Russia. He made a clear statement of himself as a representative of radical Avant-Garde in the academic milieu since his student years. Martynov harmoniously combines the most recent musical systems with canonic spiritual music in his creations. His art belongs to the borderline area exploring actual processes of visual culture and the contemporary philosophy as he combines interactive performances and installations in his artistic practice.

Vladimir Martynov’s book titled Jacob’s Motley Twigs. A Private View on the Picture of Universal Holiday of Life features profound personal comment of the composer concerning the most important phenomena of contemporary culture and the state of public mentality.

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