F. Farkas Tamas: Geometry and art
Opening ceremony: October 31, 18:00 (invitation only). Tamas Farkas is one of the most important representatives of geometrical tradition in the avant-garde culture... [More]


Within the framework of In transition Russia 2008 international interdisciplinary art project [More]


Fast op offers the viewer its attempts to translate (in the wide meaning of the word) the language of the classic opera (retaining the essence of the opera) into the... [More]

Multimedia project

The project of the laboratory deals with the topic of the Mirror-Mirrorness-Reflection and regards the nature of the puppet as a unique mirror, a reflection of the... [More]

Creative laboratory

In transition Russia 2008. Interdisciplinary art project
Opening ceremony: November 28, 19:00 (invitation only) [More]


The display formed by large-scale projects and installations is consciously based on contrast principle when young artists are presented side by side with authors of... [More]


From 20th century art to contemporaneity. Modern, avant-garde, contemporaneity
What is contemporary art? What defines the borderline between contemporary and non-contemporary art? What is the difference between Modern and Post-Modern,... [More]


Geometry and art: impossible realities
Featured: Gyorgy Darvas (Hungary), F. Farkas Tamas (Hungary), Vitaly Patsyukov (Russia), Vladimir Smolyaninov (Russia), Vyacheslav Koleichuk (Russia), Kamil... [More]

Round table

Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov
D. A. Prigov is a poet and an artist, an author of numerous performances who participated in many international forums of contemporary art, the winner of the Pushkin... [More]

Memorial evening

Dada and neo-dada
From 20th century art to contemporaneity. Modern, avant-garde, contemporaneity [More]


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