From 20th century art to contemporaneity. Modern, avant-garde, contemporaneity
What is contemporary art? What defines the borderline between contemporary and non-contemporary art? What is the difference between Modern and Post-Modern,... [More]


Boris Mikhailov. Bricolage
Boris Mikhailov - this photographer has been recognized around the world, and he belongs to those few representatives of his profession whose work goes beyond the... [More]


The display formed by large-scale projects and installations is consciously based on contrast principle when young artists are presented side by side with authors of... [More]


Painterly literature and literature based painting by Alexander Flaker (Zagreb)
Alexandr Fraker is a major western Slavist expert and a pioneer in the study of historical avant-garde, professor of the Zagreb University. [More]

Book presentation

Suprematism and Constructivism. The Neoplasticism program and De Style. Bauhaus. The post-war geometry. Minimal Art and Neo-Geo. [More]


The cinema structure
The Structure of the Cinema cycle outlines the borderlines of the reconstructed film, defines the laws of the resuscitation of depiction. Within the framework of the... [More]

Lecture, film screening

With the participation of Jean-Luc Nancy, Professor of philosophy, Strasbourg University (France) [More]

Round table

Marcel Duchamp and conceptualism
The ready made: new configurations of art and its theories. Cage and Fluxus. Kosuth: art after philosophy. Arte Povera. [More]


Video province \ Samara
Authors: Oleg Elagin, Yevgeny Thertopliasov, Svetlana Shuvaeva, Vladimir Logutov, Asia Fetisova, Sergey Balandin. [More]

Film screening

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