About Factory-kitchen

The Factory Kitchen was built in 1932. Designed by Ekaterina Maximova it is a brilliant example of Soviet constructivism. It is a real triumph of art and practicality. From above the building is shaped as a hammer and sickle. The Factory Kitchen demonstrated the progressive aesthetical, engineering and ethical ideas of the Soviet avant-garde. The Factory Kitchen is known internationally by experts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the staple objects of Samara architectural heritage. Most of the original design - interior and exterior - was destroyed during extensive reconstructions in the 20th century.

In 2008 the Factory Kitchen was under the threat of being completely destroyed by then-owners. But the efforts of local architects and great public outcry helped to save the building.
Samara has lost a lot of historical buildings in recent years. But the Factory Kitchen now is out of danger. Since 2014 the building is used as a space for National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA).
Since begin 2015 Central Volga branch of NCCA started to work.

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