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Art Residence in Kronstadt

The NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt provides an opportunity for both Russian and international artists to develop their projects within the frameworks of international art exchange projects.

NCCA Art Residency in Kronstadt is located in the very center of the town, in a quiet picturesque location near the Naval Cathedral, in a 2-storey house (108 sq.m.). The residency structure now includes a studio, living room and two bedrooms for two people. The latter will be used for organizing workshops and seminars. In the closest proximity residents may find old shipyards, a sailing workshop, a drawbridge, docks, sluices, channels etc. The town’s unique historical and cultural landscape makes it particularly attractive for those who make public art, landscape art projects, as well as do social research.

The town of Kronstadt is located on Kotlin island in the Finnish Gulf, 30 km from St.Petersburg. A dam connects the island with the mainland. Founded by Emperor Peter the First in 1704, Kronstadt is one of Russia’s most famous marine fortresses. Nineteen forts and redoutes in the gulf surround the town. Kronstadt has been included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the Soviet epoch, Kronstadt was a closed naval base. Nowadays, the town is open for all visitors but remains in a rather depressive state. Its numerous architectural and historical sites and monuments require restoration, and local cultural situation can and must be livened up by means of contemporary art.

The NCCA North-Western Branch offers a residence fellowship for both national and international artists working on group or individual projects. Some of the most important projects developed in the Residence: Interconnection – international audio and video festival (2004); ronstadt Forever – contemporary art and experimental music festival (2005) – an international event featuring artists from France, Armenia and Russia; Field Studies public art project (2006-2007); annual International EcoArt KronFest festival featuring artists from Russia and Nordic countries (2008-2013).

Starting from 2012 future residents are selected through an open international competition. Between January and December 2013 the Art Residence in Kronstadt hosted 25 artists from 17 countries – Australia, Austria, Belgium, UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Portugal, the USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and South Africa. The main topic they explored was the town of Kronstadt with its port, local natural and historical landscape of Kronstadt and Saint-Petersburg. The artists who stayed in the residence work with all kinds of media: photography, video-art, performance, installation, social art, archives, easel painting and graphics, animation, sculpture, feature films, iconography and book illustration, public-art, landscape projects, textile design.

Address: 197762, Saint-Petersburg, Kronstadt, Yakornaya square, 2B (goo.gl/maps/jFeID)

Tel. +7 (812) 311 62 28 (Art Residence in Kronstadt), +7 (812) 670 85 30 (NCCA office)

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