Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts is a museum and exhibition center and a research organization. Established in 1999 the EbNCCA states its mission as introduction and dissemination of contemporary art in public urban spaces.

Since 2005 the Center's team has implemented several big cultural projects, such as premier-retrospective of Ulay "Performing light", the public-art festival "Stolpotvorenie", international exhibition project "IN TRANSITION RUSSIA", two consecutive annual festival-laboratories "Art-Factory", and others.

The Center has been a basis for the publication of a quarterly magazine "for producers and consumers of contemporary art" - "ZAART", which provided a review of the cultural activity in the Urals in its connection to global art. The magazine has become a printed archive of the Ural art of the 2000s. Today "ZAART" is converted into a net-resource, which presents regional cultural projects in modern Russia, particularly of a "non-Moscow" locations. The EbNCCA also manages the collection of Ural-Siberian video-art.

In 2008 the EbNCCA initiated a cultural program "Ural factories: industry of meanings". The program provides unprecedented interaction between contemporary art and factories and creatively rethinks the phenomena and industrial reality in urban environment.

Contacts: 620014, Ekaterinburg, 19a Dobrolubova st.

+7 (343) 289 91 31, 289 91 32 uralncca@gmail.com

www.uralncca.ru, www.ncca.ru


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