Blind and visually impaired visitors

Since 2014, the Arsenal hosts tours for blind and visually impaired visitors to the contemporary art exhibitions where one can enter into tactile contact with the works. In four years, the Arsenal hosted a few exhibitions accessible to the blind and visually impaired viewers: 'INNOVATION 2012. Exhibition of Nominees and Winners of the Eighth All-Russian Competition in Visual Contemporary Art' 1865, and Leonid Tishkov's exhibition 'Look at Your Own House' We also hosted exhibitions created by our partners specially for blind and visually impaired visitors: 'Learning the Art: an Exhibition of Contemporary Art for Children with Vision Limitations'

From December 23, 2017 to March 25, 2018, the Arsenal hosts the exhibition 'Modern Braille Graphics', created by our colleagues from the Museum of Modern Art PERMM (Perm). Its main goal is to help blind and visually impaired people to get to know contemporary art. The exhibition's core are three-dimensional models of the graphical works from the PERMM museum collection, which can be touched and carefully examined with one’s fingertips. This can be done independently with the help of an audio guide carefully designed by the Perm experts (it can be obtained at the right wing reception), sound informants and Braille labels located by each work. One can also order a tour by phone: +7 930 803 27 75, Elena Blinova.

Also, from February 13 till March 10, there are guided tours for the Modern Braille Graphics exhibition, which offer a different worldview for seeing visitors – they walk the tour with their eyes closed. Each participant gets acquainted with the exhibition, the Braille print, the history and technique of its creation, and in the end gets the opportunity to paint with closed eyes just like blind artists do. Classes are conducted by Olga Vinokurova, an expert educator for children with special needs, Nizhny Novgorod 'Zhuravushka' centre.
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