Visitors with disabilities

For the first time, the Arsenal staff gained experience working for visitors with special needs in 2011. They were blind and visually impaired people, who came to our Centre thanks to the Foundation for Promoting Equal Opportunities 'Open Doors'. Today, the number of Arsenal visitors with disabilities includes people with visual, hearing, musculoskeletal impairment, spectators with mental disabilities, and children with autism spectrum disorders.

By 2018 this work turned into a whole direction, "Arsenal. Inclusion". Its specialists try to follow the latest trends in museum inclusive programs, participate in professional trainings and seminars dedicated to this topic.
Wheelchair users and visitors with children


The Arsenal is equipped with two ramps: one in each wing. The ramp in the right wing leads to the exhibition halls, and it is equipped with a call button. To get to the lecture or concert hall you can use the ramp in the building’s left wing. To do so, please call the security officer at +7 (831) 439 00 96, he will help you get into the building. You can also warn us about your visit to the Arsenal in advance by calling +7 (831) 422 45 54, and our staff will meet you.

Both the left and right wings of the Arsenal are equipped with lifts for wheelchair users, as well as for visitors with small children. In order to use the left wing lift and get to the cinema and concert hall, please contact the reception staff or the security officer who will guide you.

Toilets accessible for wheelchair users are in the Arsenal's left wing, on the ground floor in the offices area. In order to use the toilet, please contact the reception staff of any wing and ask them to accompany you.
Parking space
People with disabilities can enter the Kremlin by car only with a pass. You can request the pass at least two days before visiting the Arsenal by phone +7 (831) 422 45 54.

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